H2 System for Compressed Air Heating

The Digital Gauge Display shows the effective air pressure in the spray gun (at the gun nozzle) and at the same time the temperature of the H2 system.

Once the air has been regulated it's possible to continue to read the working pressure on the Digital Gauge Display with a precision of +/- 01 bar, or can easily be removed.

The pressure is adjusted directly on the spray gun regulator and is immediately shown on the Digital Gauge Display.

This is an extremely useful system for the painters job to avoid wrong settings and poor painting effects.

The spray gun combined with the H2 heating system is really easy to use: connect it to the compressed air line and after 2 minutes the heating system has reached the desired temperature.

The temperature considerably improves paint application quality, shortens the drying time of water based paint saving up to 20%. Stops the orange peel effects and gives a brighter finish!

The H2 mechanism is made of high quality materials and can heat the air up to 40C. The operator can adjust the temperature using the regulator at the bottom of the heating system.

There are no electrical heating components, the H2 heating mechanism being fully pneumatic, nevertheless the gun is ready to work in a very short time.