Rotary Screw & Dryer

Peerless Products are proud to introduce its own brand of High Quality Rotary Screw Compressors using the world famous Rotorcomp air end. Rotorcomp is a leading manufacturer of screw compressor and air ends with over 30 years’ experience and expertise. Peerless have added to this experience its own technology and design to its full range of screw compressors to ensure a reliable and ease of service screw compressor range that doesn't require high servicing costs associated with other brands.

  • Rotorcomp Air End used in our machines with the advantage of the new EVO technology.
  • Schneider electrical components used
  • Low power consumption - energy savings
  • High quality Oil / Air separator - German made
  • Smart motor technology - MEPS approved IP55
  • Low noise

Pease note: Power supply is very important when selecting an air compressor, along with selecting the right one for your application. Please talk to your local Peerless representative.