Peerless Rotary Screw Compressors

Deliver next level performance and control for the most demanding applications - including food processing, manufacturing, hospitals and automotive repair.

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  • Large air volumes

    Large air volumes

    Peerless high-end rotary screw compressors are commonly used to replace piston compressors for industrial and critical applications where large volumes of high-quality air are needed.

  • Consistent pressure

    Consistent pressure

    Peerless rotary screw compressors work in a continuous sweeping motion, creating extremely consistent pressure with no surging of air flow like piston compressors.

  • High-end performance

    High-end performance

    Our rotary screw compressors are the first choice when operating multiple, high-power air tools such as 6”orbital sanders and sandblasting equipment for automotive repair.

The range

Base mount models

Our base mount screw compressors are suitable for a range of heavy duty applications. If further filtration is required it can be easily added. This means you can often save space by adding your air receiver (tank) anywhere down the line or use an existing air receiver from an old unit.

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Full feature models

Our full feature models are the ultimate space saver with the screw component and air dryer situated on top of an air receiver. The small footprint allows you to utilise valuable floor space. These all-in-one units will supply a continuous flow of clean & dry compressed air to the pressure set.

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Refrigeration air dryers

When a compressor draws in air, moisture from the surrounding environment can enter the compressor and cause issues. Seals can swell and rust can develop. Adding a Peerless Refrigeration dryer will eliminate all moisture problems improving performance and extending compressor life.

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Inline filtration

Peerless filters have been specifically developed for highly efficiency removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons, odours and vapours from compressed air systems. To meet the required air quality, the appropriate filter must be selected for your unit type.

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The rotary advantage

Combining advanced features with world leading componentry, Peerless rotary compressors set new standards in quality.

Ease of use

Clear control layout for simple adjusting.

Australian owned & operated

Proudly Bendigo based for over 50 years.

Oil separator

German made with triple separation.

Schneider components

Uses world leading electric parts.

Inbuilt air receiver

500L air receiver for steady pressure.

Super quiet

Low noise output at just 65 dB(A) (+/-2).

Rotorcomp air-end

Uses the world's best performing air-end.

High quality motor

High output and power efficiency.

Oil filter

Removes impurities up to 5 microns.

Australian standards

Compliant to AS1210 standard.