Peerless Products are one of the leading compressed air manufacturers and wholesalers of air compressors within Australasia. We have been in business now for 60 years designing, developing and manufacturing industrial air compressors. Family owned and operated, now into the third generation. We specialise in industrial air compressors, including; Single Phase, Three Phase, Honda Petrol, Yanmar Diesel, Rotary Screw, beverage and also for medical applications. We pride ourselves around providing the highest quality products and service to our consumers through an Australian wide dealer network. Through this channel we aim to provide informative instructional videos on how to service, diagnose and repair your air compressor. This could be helpful, not just based on the Peerless brand - but air compressors in general. Remember all air compressors need to be serviced just like any mechanical item.

Leaking Pressure Switch - Check & replace non-return valve

Leaking Pressure Switch - Check & replace Pressure Switch Diaphragm

Compressor not building pressure? - Lets check air intake and then check the Valves and Gaskets

How to service your Oil less air compressor