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Firstly, thank you and congratulations on your NEW Peerless air compressor. You now have supported an Australian owned and operated business. Along with this, you also have got a national support network to assist you for any technical advise that you may require. By registering your Peerless air compressor, we’ll keep this on file and we may contact you in the future regarding servicing your vital equipment to keep you moving forward with your work.

Please complete the below information to register your Peerless air compressor.


Peerless Products Pty Ltd (Peerless) warrants that all products supplied by it and purchased by you from authorised Peerless dealers throughout Australia are free of defects except for those products listed under warranty exclusions.

Before products can be approved as warranty, proof of purchase for Peerless genuine spare parts must be provided for servicing of products. This includes, but is not limited to using genuine peerless ACO2000 oil.

Please check instruction leaflet for service periods. Warranty claims will be denied if correct documentation is not provided.

If you are having trouble with your Peerless compressor please refer to our handy troubleshooting guide before completing the warranty request form.

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  1. Please note Peerless does not accept responsibility for warranty claims when not supported by customer's proof of purchase which must accompany this form.
  2. Please note warranty exclusions on our Warranty form Part 2.
  3. "This" part of the Warranty Form is to be filled out and completed when goods are to be sent for warranty work.

If goods are not needed to be sent, please complete only Part 2 of this Form.