Medical Cabinet

Performance and reliability with back up support with an Australian manufacturer!
1 Year total unit

Product Description

• Electronic Control Panel
The Electronic Pressure Sensor enables accurate pressure within the unit and to instantly actuate without any major
pressure loss. This will tell the digital controller when to reactivate the air compressor when setting your pressure
is reached or when you require the minimum pressure. The electronic pressure switch also monitors the over and
under current voltage. This is to assist in motor or capacitor failures.

• Ease of Use
All of our models have a straight forward and simple design making them extremely easy to use. The MEDCAB model
is a testament to this as seen above. It features a clear control layout so everything you need is accessible and simple to adjust. All side panels are removeable for ease of serviceability.

• Super Quiet
The MEDCAB compressor will operate at 52 dBa (+/- 2). These Air Compressors are designed to be super quiet allowing you to focus on the important task at hand.

• Electronic Auto Drain
On every Peerless Medical Air Compressor we fit an Electronic auto drain kit. This will automatically turn on and off to remove condensation from the air receiver tank, just set the timer and air burst time as required to eliminate moisture build up.

• Breathable Filtration 
High Quality filtration system which exceeds requirements of the AS/NZS1715, with regard to particle removal and oil carry over. This filtration gives you the assurance that your equipment isn’t getting contaminants through that can cause you major equipment failure.

• Inbuilt Air Dryer
Peerless Medical Air Compressors are all designed with an inbuilt air dryer to remove moisture from the compressed air.

• Australian Designed & Manufactured
Peerless are a 100% owned Australian company. The MEDCAB has been locally designed and manufactured. We offer full aftermarket service and technical support.

Local manufacturer

Being Australian owned and manufacture we are easily contactable and our service is recognised to be the best in the air compressor industry giving total support and commitment.

**Special Builds are available upon request to suit specific requirements**


Air Delivery 175 @ 100PSI
Cylinders 2
Max PSI 145PSI
Motor 2HP / 1500W
Pump Oil less
Pump RPM 1350
Power Supply 10A
Amps Draw 6.2
Dimensions L x W x H 610 x 565 x 500
Portable / Stationary Stationary
Regulator Included? Yes, breathable to 0.01 Micron - In Built Dryer