Peerless Oilless Tubie, 175LPM

1 Year total unit
oilless tubie 00591peerless

This impressive Air Compressor produces 175LPM of free air delivery, this will run your framing guns through to your coil guns. Quick recovery is what this Air Compressor is designed for, don't wait for the receiver to fill - the quick 5L recovery tank allows you to get on with the job without the Air Compressor cycling for a long period.

Being an Oil Less Air Compressor it doesn't matter about parking level too! compared to oiled Air Compressors.Drawing an impressive 6AMPS compared to 8AMPS on other models this is well suited for low voltage areas!.

Did you know?

In standard environment conditions when your air compressor reaches 14 PSI you have the reached the volume of air in the receiver!. So on this particular model (PO13) at 14 PSI you have 5L of compressed air in the tank. At 28 PSI you now have 10L of compressed air in the tank. So if the cut out pressure is 112 PSI, you now have 40L of stored compressed air! Who said small tanks don't hold enough air?
As mentioned this can be affected by the temperature and other factors.
Smaller tanks also equates to quicker air recovery times of lost pressure along with lower operating temperature of pump.


Please note: air compressors i.e piston type, are not designed to run continuously they must cut in and out. Direct drive models should only have up to a 40-50% duty cycle. Belt Drive hobby models are up to 60-70% and full industrial belt drive models are up to 75-85%. If the compressor runs over these duty cycles it could cause failure. Important - first check voltage on each building site as low voltage will cause the motor to fail on all compressors. It must have be better than 230 volt at peak times. Extension leads will cause voltage drop, it's better to use extra air hose.



Air Delivery 175 LPM @ 100PSI
Cylinders 2
Max PSI 145
Motor 2 HP
Pump Oil less
Pump RPM 1350
Power Supply 10 AMP
Amps Draw 6
Tank Size 5 L
Dimensions (L x W x H) 420mm x 370mm x 440mm
Weight 25kg
Portable / Stationary Portable / Stationary
Regulator Included? ET-200 Water Trap Regulator