Peerless Black 10HP Full Feature - 10 Bar

1 Year Manufacture + 1 Year Parts Only

Peerless Products are proud to produce its own brand in High Quality Rotary Screw Compressors (HQ-Air). We have always been involved with screw compressors but now have designed our own to suit the demands of the Australian market.

The 10HP / 7.5kW model is a "Full Feature" model which includes the screw, dryer and tank, making it easier to install, just have your industrial electrician wire it in and you're set. This eliminates installation cost on fitting a dryer, labor times and reduces floor space!

We fit our Full feature 10HP models with a HQ15D refrigeration dryer that is capable of condensing an air flow of 2000 litres per minute. We are one of few manufacturers that do this to handle the hot conditions of Australia. This dryer is fitted with a 10A plug.
The LED color touch screen takes away the confusion on how your air compressor is operating with all functions displayed and easy use of operation.

With the Peerless Rotary Screw Compressors, we test each model prior to being sent out from our factory for a minimum of 4 hours. The quality assurance inspector then dates and signs the service label notifying of when the next service is required.

Services on Screw compressors are based on hourly usage. The first inspection is in 500 hours of use, this is like a new car inspection. This is to make sure that all seals, valves, filters and oil condition is all working correctly. From there the services are based on the following;

2000 Hours
4000 Hours
6000 Hours
8000 Hours and so on.

The services are also based on the environmental conditions – if it is in a fairly dirty environment, services maybe at sooner intervals.

Most sites where an air compressor is installed you may have your own maintenance team, if this is so, yes you can service your own air compressor. This does not void your warranty if serviced correctly under the manufacture guidelines.

Pease note: Power supply is very important when selecting an air compressor, along with selecting the right one for the application. Please talk to your local Peerless representative.



Air Delivery 950 LPM @ 116PSI (8Bar)
Cylinders N/A
Max PSI 145PSI (10Bar)
Motor 10 HP
Pump Peerless Rotor
Pump RPM N/A
Power Supply 415 V
Amps Draw N/A
Tank Size 300 L
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2000mm x 750mm x 1620mm
Weight 620kg
Portable / Stationary Stationary
Regulator Included? Refer to Filter page