PT35 Twin Pump High Pressure, 600LPM, 15AMP*

1 Year Industrial

The PT35HP is designed using two 2065T pumps and 3.5 HP motors, coupled on a 190 litre air receiver. The pumps are designed to restart 5PSI apart and require two 15amp power lines (draws 2 x 13 amps) back to your fuse box to operate this machine. It is very important to ensure that this machine is wired in correctly as failure to do so will cause motor failure. Producing a massive 600 litres of free air per minute at 150PSI to a maximum of 175PSI giving you an excellent single phase machine.


Air Delivery 600 LPM @ 150PSI
Cylinders 3
Max PSI 175
Motor 2 x 3.5HP
Pump Peerless 2065T High Pressure
Pump RPM 1132
Power Supply 2 x 15 AMP
Amps Draw 2 x 13
Tank Size 200L
Dimensions L x W x H 1770MM x 400MM x 880MM
Weight 205KG
Portable / Stationary Stationary
Regulator Included? No
Pump Up Time To 100 PSI 1.50 MIN
Pump Warranty 1 Year
Motor Warranty 1 Year