1516 Pedestal Drill, 3/4HP, 16mm Chuck

3 Year Industrial Warranty
1516P 00300 peerless


Motor 3/4 HP
Chuck Size 16mm
Swing 381mm
Min Hole 3mm
Max Hole 16mm
Min RPM 160
Max RPM 3100
Spindle Travel 80mm
Speed 16
Morse Taper 2

Peerless Products offers a huge 3 year warranty as we only use high end componentry on our drilling machines as listed above. These are built for industry, and used in industry. Who comes close to this? - No one does! Most offer a 1 year warranty, if you?re lucky.
The swing on our machines are one of the largest in the market along side the speeds they can do.
When doing sensitive metal work you don?t want to over speed your drill bit as this will just burn it out.
Keep in mind when buying a Peerless you have a support network behind you, from what drill bits are suited for what speeds, through to common parts required. If you have any issues we stock all your required parts.