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Built tough

Leading in diesel technology

Easy Starting

Quick and easy starting

High Performance

Best in class offering plenty of power and torque

Low maintenance

Low fuel and oil consumption and easy service and maintenance

Key Features

The legendary L-Series engine continues to reign

Since 1959, Yanmar has been producing a wide range of compact air-cooled diesel engines with total production exceeding 1.5million engines. Today, the L Series air-cooled diesel engines are powering leading-edge mobile and stationary off-highway equipment around the world.

Exceeding power and environmental expectations

Designed with Yanmar’s proprietary direct injection technology, maximum combustion efficiency is realised through the ideal match between the combustion chamber and injection system. This means a powerful, yet environmentally friendly engine.

Easy installation and low fuel consumption

Keeping with the traditional compact design, the L Series engines are simple to install, particularly in cramped or hard to access spaces, without the need to sacrifice power and performance. The direct injection technology allows vastly improved fuel efficiency, which means lower running costs for you in the world of rising fuel prices.


Quick and easy starting

A special auto-return decompressor and Yanmar’s very own efficient combustion system breezes through starting up each and every time. An electric starting system is available as an option to get you up and running in just a push of a button.

Peerless diesel range

The Peerless guarantee.

When you buy Peerless, you’re getting more than just a compressor. You become a part of a 60 year legacy spanning across Australia.