Peerless Air Dryer

Refrigeration Cycle Air Dryer: 300-14000LPM

Protecting your pneumatic equipment - We have a range of refrigeration dryers to suit your needs. Eliminate your moisture issues with Peerless.
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Protecting your pneumatic equipment.


Dry Air.

Full Feature fitted with a refrigeration air dryer to remove any moisture.


Intelligent Control Panel.

Function at your fingertips. Fully automated touchscreen control panel.



Warranty - 1 year pump and motor warranty - Industrial warranty not domestic

Product description

Refrigeration dryers are a must for zero water equipment. As an air compressors pump compresses air, there is an element of heat that the air passes through. Along with this its drawing in all the moisture that's in the surrounding environment too. Once the air is compressed, it sits in the air receiver to then cool down. This is where condensate happens within the air receiver.

For example, you get your favourite canned drink from the fridge and place it on the table. The outside of the can then has water beads appearing. This is what is happening within your tank and airlines.

The best and most effective solution to prevent this happening is to employ an Air Dryer in your set up. The refrigeration air dryer cools the incoming compressed air exchanger where the outgoing air cools the incoming air. The intake air then enters an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger where the air is cooled to 3.3 degrees celsious by the liquid refrigerant. The process causes the water vapours in the air to condense into liquid water which is then removed by the electronic auto drain fitted.


  • High efficiency condenser & evaporator
  • Low dew point
  • High quality electronic auto drain
  • Low in maintenance
  • Great Reliability

One of the contributing factors to air compressor failures is heat!
Heat creates the running temperature of your air compressor to increase the oil carry over which leads into low oil levels which then can cause major pump failures and costly down time.

By maintaining your air compressor and air system will prevent a lot of future down times and costly repairs or equipment replacement. Check your air compressor oil levels, make sure there is enough cool air flow around your air compressor and no direct sun light on the air compressor system.

Installation tips:

  • Always install your air compressor system in a safe, cool, dry and clean area with lots of air flow
  • Keep system clear of rain, wind, wet/ humid and dusty areas
  • Do not install in an area with bad ventilation
  • Make sure to mount your system at least a metre away from the wall, this will also make maintenance easier!
  • Compressed air systems require filtration - see our filtration section for more information

When using a dryer with a Piston Air Compressor we recommend increase the air output by 2.5x as the air produced is a lot warmer than that of a Rotary Screw or Oil-Less unit. Filtration is required with refrigeration air dryers. A "PRE" filter is required for all dryers and we strongly recommend an oil / air separator for piston compressors

Technical Specifications
Code Compressor (W) Air in/out thread Piston (LPM) Screw (LPM) Piston (CFM) Screw (CFM) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
WB7.5D 350 3/4"BSP 400 1000 14.2 35.3 352x430x445 30
WB15D 453 3/4"BSP 880 2200 31 77.75 550x370x704 34
WB30D 843 1"BSP 1600 4000 56.5 141.3 520x500x809 55
WB50D 1170 1.1/2"BSP - 6600 - 233.2 520x500x809 60
WB75D 1170 2"BSP - 10500 - 371 550x600x958 75
WB120D 1900 DN50 - 14150 - 500 xx 150

Technical Data

Max inlet
ambient temp
Dew point Working
Coolant Plug
60°C 45°C 3°C-10°C Min. 5 Bar
Max. 13 Bar
R410A 10A
Spare parts

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