Peerless HQD20

HQD20 Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Variable Speed: Direct Drive, 20HP, 1840-2200LPM

2200L/pm @ 116PSI - great workshop screw compressor. 8 Bar / 116PSI - 10BAR / 12BAR optional, high pressure! Get as a base, twin tanks or full feature with screw, dryer and tank as one.
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Power at a glance.

Free air delivery

Litres per minute of air

2200 @ 116PSI


20HP 3 Phase

High Pressure

Pounds per square inch

Max 175 PSI



1 Year / +1 Year parts

See all the specs

Save power & money! Variable speed technology!


Intelligent Control Panel.

Function at your fingertips. Fully automated touchscreen control panel.


Energy Efficient.

Save up to 35% in power compared to fixed speed units.


Dry Air.

Full Feature fitted with a refrigeration air dryer to remove any moisture.


Peace of mind.

Full range of service kits and spare parts available. Guaranteed back up and support.


Super Quiet Design.

Operating noise of only 65dBA (+/- 2).



Full 1 Year industrial warranty with an additional 1 Year parts.

Product description

Peerless Products Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors are here to save you money!

Most air compressors run continuously even when you’re not using the air. This machine will perform to your requirements and save you money at the same time by only doing the work that you want it to do!

Our HQD Variable Speed Compressors will reduce your power consumption and give you a quick return on your investment within no time. The 20HP models have a great output of 2200 Litres per minute at 8 Bar this compressor is designed for 8+ person workshops easily keeping up with high demand.

For ease of use it features an LED touchscreen control panel allows the user to easily operate and view the functionality of the air compressor along with viewing service times which are based on run hours. Operating pressure can be viewed in MPA or PSI along with the ability to view energy consumption.

With the Peerless Rotary Screw Compressors, we test each model prior to being sent out from our factory for a minimum of 4 hours. The quality assurance inspector then dates and signs the service label notifying of when the next service is required.

Services on Screw compressors are based on hourly usage. The first inspection is in 500 hours of use, this is like a new car inspection. This is to make sure that all seals, valves, filters and oil condition is all working correctly. From there the services are based on the following;

2000 Hours
4000 Hours
6000 Hours
8000 Hours and so on.

The services are also based on the environmental conditions – if it is in a fairly dirty environment, services maybe at sooner intervals.

Most sites where an air compressor is installed you may have your own maintenance team, if this is so, yes you can service your own air compressor. This does not void your warranty if serviced correctly under the manufacture guidelines.

Please note: Power supply is very important when selecting an air compressor, along with selecting the right one for the application. Please talk to your local Peerless representative.

Base Mount (No tanks)
The base mount option is a great option if you're limited on space or if you already have an air receiver. Don't forget, if you're upgrading from an older piston model, you may be able to utilise the tank.

Twin Tank option
In order to keep our variable speed screw compressors compact we have designed this twin tank model. This allows for the unit to come in at only 1500MM x 750MM X 1545MM, minimising the required space and not budging on quality. This gives you a great 300L air receiver meaning that the compressor has a very small recovery time to build back up to full pressure. The tanks are welded, painted and fitted out in our Bendigo factory.

Full Feature - Screw, dryer & tank
The Full Feature models is the ultimate space saver with the screw component and air dryer situated on top of a 200L air receiver in order to properly utilise valuable floor space.

Key things to check:

  • Check the positioning of your air compressor – no direct sunlight, efficient air flow, non-dusty environment, cool if required.
  • Change the oil -  if discoloured change immediately, this is the life line of your air compressor.
  • Change the air intake filter - This will keep the pump working efficiently and keep the oil clean protecting your bearings or Air-end.
  • Check your air fittings – Air leaks create increased duty cycles making your air compressor work harder, creating heat.
  • Inspect your V belts – Make sure you have the right tension and no wear and tear.
  • Correct ventilation around the air compressor – all air compressors need air flow.
  • Check all your inline filters – restricted or blocked filters lower your efficiency to work by reducing your air flow – these work harder in hotter months.
  • Maintain your Dryer – check or re-gas your coolant make sure correct amount of air flow going through.

Peerless Products are a professional wholesaler that distribute their products through a dealer network. They provide you local expert advice and support backed by Peerless Products. We pride ourselves on aftermarket support and service partnered with our platinum dealers. This is so you have a physical "go to" for any support required. Having that local touch of a "go to" that support you and your business enables that extra bit of confidence when purchasing a Peerless branded air compressor.

Technical Specifications
Code HP / kW Dimensions (LxWxHmm) Weight Amps Required Tank Capacity (L)
HQD20VSHP 20HP / 15kW 1090x710x1100 350 32 -
HQD20VSHP-TT 1500x750x1545 450 300L
HQD20VSHP-FF 1690x690x1650 450 200L

Free Air Delivery

HQD20VSHP-8 116 8 2200 132 77.75
HQD20VSHP-10 145 10 2000 70.67
HQD20VSHP-12 175 12 1800 63.6

Technical Data

Cooling method discharge temp (°C) Driving type dBa (+/-2) Outlet thread Electricity Amps draw (Full load)
Air cooled Ambient temp +15°C Direct drive 66 3/4"BSP 415V 32

Dryer Specifications

Code Model Compressor KW Working Pressure LPM m3/h CFM Power Plug
WB15D WB15 Dryer 453KW Min. 6 Bar
Max. 13 Bar
2200 132 77.75 10A
Spare parts

Rotary screw air compressors

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