Peerless Black PB2000

PB2000 Single Phase Air Compressor: Oilless, Direct Drive, 10Amp, 1HP, 65LPM

Compact performance: 65L/min free air. Suitable for framing gun and finishing gun. Super quiet design.
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Power at a Glance

Free air delivery

Litres per minute of air

65LPM @ 100PSI


Oil-less 1.1HP

Power supply

10 Amp Plug


Pounds per square inch

Max 145 PSI

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PB2000 Single Phase Air Compressor: Oilless, Direct Drive, 10Amp, 1HP, 65LPM

Impressive performance in a compact design.



Warranty - 1 year pump and motor warranty - Industrial warranty not domestic


Super Quiet Design.

Operating noise of only 52dBA (+/- 2).


Low Voltage

Suitable for low voltage applications.

Product description

This super light weight and super quiet Air Compressor is the ultimate builders’ choice when wanting a framing Air Compressor.

Producing 65 Litres Per Minute of Free Air Delivery this can be used for intermittent air tools and not continuous use. The PB2000 does what it is designed for exceptionally well however in cases where more air is needed such as coil nailer we recommend stepping up to a belt driven PB14000. Slow revving at 1350RPM drawing 6AMP's compared to most other direct drives at 2850RPM drawing 8+AMP's.

This model has Heavy Duty Teflon technology (Made in USA) fitted to get the maximum use and performance from the Air Compressor. On average 2000+ hours before requiring a service.

It's light weight design makes it easy to carry around from job to job along with its compact design being able to be stored a lot easier than the conventional air compressor on a tank. Available in three configurations ranging from the standard 9L, Tubie 5L and the XL boasting a 24L air receiver with fitted electronic auto drain.

Best suited for framing guns, car tyre inflation or the odd job to blow out.

Did you know?

In standard environment conditions when your air compressor reaches 14 PSI you have the reached the volume of air in the receiver!. So on this particular model (PB2000) at 14 PSI you have 9L of compressed air in the tank. At 28 PSI you now have 18L of compressed air in the tank. So if the cut out pressure is 112 PSI, you now have 72L of stored compressed air! Who said small tanks don't hold enough air?
As mentioned this can be affected by the temperature and other factors.
Smaller tanks also equates to quicker air recovery times of lost pressure along with lower operating temperature of pump.


Please note: air compressors i.e piston type, are not designed to run continuously they must cut in and out. Direct drive models should only have up to a 40-50% duty cycle. Belt Drive hobby models are up to 60-70% and full industrial belt drive models are up to 75-85%. If the compressor runs over these duty cycles it could cause failure. Important - first check voltage on each building site as low voltage will cause the motor to fail on all compressors. It must have be better than 230 volt at peak times. Extension leads will cause voltage drop, it's better to use extra air hose.

Performance of all our belt driven air compressors are to AS4637.

For over 60 years Peerless Products has been delivering and exceeding the needs of industry. Ask us about your requirements.

Technical Specifications
Code Model Free Air Delivery (LPM) Max PSI Motor HP Warranty
Tank Capacity (L) Pump up
time to 100PSI
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
PB2000 PB2000 65 LPM 145 1.1 1 Year 1 Year 9L 0.40 - 0.45 Min 470Lx390Wx405H
PB2000T Tubie 65 LPM 145 1.1 1 Year 1 Year 5L - 420Lx370Wx440H
PB2000XL XL 65 LPM 145 1.1 1 Year 1 Year 24L 1.45 - 1.55 Min 630Lx310Wx570H

Technical Data

Pump type Cylinders Pump head
Oil capacity Pump RPM Outlet thread Electricity Amps draw
Air cooled Oil-less
Copper wound
2 7.8 FT LB
11 NM
- 1350 1/4" BSP 240V / 10A 4
Spare parts
Retail $670.00
Cost $670.00 Retail Retail

Top End of Pump 750W Oil-less

Internal Components of Pump 750W Oil-less

External / Body Components of Pump 750W Oil-less

Peerless Black air compressors

The Peerless Black, light industrial range, is the result of consulting with the Australian market for many years. Designed and developed specifically for the building trade and DIY home renovator.

From our slow revving oilless pumps at 1350RPM though to our slow revving alloy pump they produce some of the highest free air deliveries compared to anything else in the Australian market. Get the right air compressor that you can trust to do it right the first time!

Do it right and buy a Peerless!

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