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2065T Pump - for PHP15, PT35HP Air Compressor

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The 2065T Pump: Triple Cylinder high pressure pump is supplied with pre-filled oil, air filters, and pulley, for optimal performance. Quality is assured thanks to ex-factory testing. It is designed to be reliable and durable, thanks to its high-grade materials and superior craftsmanship. The 2065T Pump: Triple Cylinder will offer long-lasting, cost-effective performance.

Being a high pressure, two stage pump, its capable of delivering high pressure without losing air flow performance. Two stage means that the pump has two low pressure cylinder heads pumping compressed air into the high pressure cylinder head. The high pressure cylinder then compresses the air once again. This then makes working pressures of up to 150-175PSI, delivering an impressive 300 litres of air per minute. Making this the perfect air compressor to do truck tyre inflation with ease.

Commonly fitted to our following air compressor models
Peerless PHP15 models - 15A Single phase / Petrol / Diesel
Peerless PT35 model - 15A Single phase - twin pump and motor

The 2065T features a full cast iron barrel and sump with an aluminium head to allow heat transfer out of the pump. The reed valves are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure longevity. On the back of the pump we have an oversized flywheel which provides greater airflow over the pump, compared to others on the market, cooling the entire piston barrel. 

Comes with "Smart Start" intake filters which assists in the protection of the electric motors against low voltage starting, this filter reduces starting AMP's draw by up to 40%.

We carry a complete range of spare parts so you have piece of mind when investing in this equipment. 

How to identify an 2065T

  • 3 cylinders with 2 air intakes only
  • 4 Head bolts that require an allen key
Technical Specifications
Code Model Pump Displacement (CFM) Oil Capacity Electric Motor suits Diesel Engine suits Petrol Engine suits Footprint
Suggested RPM Pump head tension Weight (kg)
00278 2065T 15 CFM 1375 ml 3.2 - 3.5 HP 4.5 HP 5.5 / 6.5 HP 140L x 190W 963 - 1061 12 FT LB / 16.27 NM 40kg
Spare parts
Retail $1,396.00
Cost $1,396.00 Retail Retail

Top End of Pump 2065T

Internal Components of Pump 2065T

External / Body Components of 2065T

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