Peerless CHARGER 55

CHARGER 55 Engine Rotary Screw Air Compressor: Belt Drive, 10-13HP, 1000LPM at 7 Bar

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Power at a Glance

Free air delivery

Litres per minute of air

1000LPM @ 116PSI

Diesel motor

Key start as standard

L100 Yanmar Diesel

Engine GX390

Key start as standard

GX390 Honda Petrol

High Pressure

Pounds per square inch

Max 175 PSI


Pump / Motor / Tank

1 Year / 3 Years / 10 Years

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CHARGER 55 Engine Rotary Screw Air Compressor: Belt Drive, 10-13HP, 1000LPM at 7 Bar

Built for the hard worker in the trade!


Conrader Idler Valve.

USA made air operated idler valve. Save fuel and money.


Manufactured in Australia.

Built and assembled in Bendigo, Victoria for over 60 years.


Power on the go.

Take your compressor wherever you go with its easy and flexible design.


Peace of mind.

Full range of service kits and spare parts available. Guaranteed back up and support.

Product description

Peerless are proud to announce a range of engine powered Rotary Screw Compressors.

We have always been involved with screw compressors and have now designed our own engine driven units to suit the demands of the Australian market after much consulting.

Built and manufactured in Australia we pride this range on its reliability and quality to last in the tough Australian Conditions. Yanmar and Honda are both world renowned in their production of engines with a huge 3 year warranties to back it. All Honda and Yanmar engines built for the Australian market are compliant with strict emission standards. The Air end is a Peerless design suited for our tough conditions which has the ultimate air efficiency, low noise, at the highest quality standards.

Key start as standard, 1 x 1/2" outlets and a stainless-steel pressure gauge all at a convenient position when sitting on the back of your Ute or truck.

Get the ultimate feature and add a diesel lift pump - plumb from your truck or Ute's fuel line to feed your air compressors fuel to eliminate having to fuel manually. Just keep your truck or Ute fuel tank fuelled up. The Yanmar L100 will consume 1.65L per hour while idling and consume 2.2L per hour when in load / producing air!

This ultimate work horse will produce enough air to operate your 3/4" to 1" impact guns. Awesome air performance for machinery blow downs or even filter blow outs. Tyre inflation with ease! The compact design makes this one of Australia's compact rotary screw compressors offered on the market with a small engine. The protective shields assist in preventing any damage to any major componentry. Ease of serving and maintaining this air compressor was also in mind when developing. All your filters are easily accessible.

Remote start with emergency stop can be fitted to this air compressor to meet any onsite job requirements.

Optional extras to consider when ordering:

  • Fuel pump – lift pump
  • MDG15 Mine compliant retro box
  • Wiring lumen extension (single or twin)
  • Specially build to meet your requirements

Key things to check:

  • Check the positioning of your air compressor – efficient air flow, dusty environment - keep an eye on air intake element.
  • Change the oil -  if discoloured change immediately, this is the life line of your air compressor.
  • Change the air intake filter - This will keep the pump working efficiently and keep the oil clean protecting your bearings or Air-end.
  • Inspect your V belts – Make sure you have the right tension and no wear and tear.
  • Correct ventilation around the air compressor – all air compressors need air flow.
  • Check all your inline filters – restricted or blocked filters lower your efficiency to work by reducing your air flow – these work harder in hotter months.

Diesel lift pump - optional extra.

    Peerless Products are a professional wholesaler that distribute their products through a dealer network. They provide you local expert advice and support backed by Peerless Products. We pride ourselves on aftermarket support and service partnered with our platinum dealers. This is so you have a physical "go to" for any support required. Having that local touch of a "go to" that support you and your business enables that extra bit of confidence when purchasing a Peerless branded air compressor.

    Technical Specifications


    Code HP / kW Compressor Type Pressure Flow Rate Air Outlet Thread Measurements
    CHARGER55D 10HP / 7.5kW Oil Injected Rotary Screw 8Bar / 116PSI 1040LPM / 36.76CFM 1 x 1/2" BSP 1210 x 720 x 820
    CHARGER55P 13HP / 9.7kW

    Motor Specifications

    Engine Starting
    Bore x Stoke Engine
    Yanmar L100 Recoil / 12V Electric 12 Volt
    1.65L/hour @ 80% load
    2.2L/hour @ 100% load
    Belt Drive 85 x 75 0.453 (L)
    Honda GX390 3.5L/hour @ 3600RPM
    cont. rated power
    85 x 64 0.389 (L)
    Spare parts

    Medal Icon Reliable Protection

    With up to 5 years warranty for eligible products.

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    Manufactured and tested in Bendigo, Victoria.

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    Compressors that are built to last with our expertise.

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