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PHP52 Three Phase Air Compressor: Belt Drive, 10HP, 990LPM - for High Pressure

Impressive performance, Australia's favourite PHP52. 990l/pm of free air delivery. Used the highest quality componentry and every compressor is manufactured locally with an immaculate attention to detail.
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Power at a Glance

Free air delivery

Litres per minute of air

990LPM @ 100PSI


10HP 3 Phase

High Pressure

Pounds per square inch

Max 175 PSI

See all the specs

Manufactured locally with an immaculate attention to detail.



Warranty - 1 year pump and motor warranty - Industrial warranty not domestic


Seal of approval.

Australian GEMS approved three phase motor.


Truckies Mate.

High pressure operation for truck tyre inflation. 2 Stage compressor pump.

Product description

Australia's most popular three phase compressor on the market. The PHP52 is a three cylinder, two stage, slow revving cast iron compressor.

This 10HP three phase, three cylinder, two stage compressor is again similar to the PHP40. Upgraded to a bigger motor and pump. Running off this copper wound motor is an impressive W95II Peerless oil injected pump. That's two 95mm pistons driving air into a 90mm high pressure cylinder. Pushing 990 litres of air per minute at the end of your air line at an incredible 100PSI. This is while the pump is only working at 949RPM! Well under 1050RPM compared to others. A very low speed making this one of our quietest three phase compressors compared to others.

We recommend this compressor to workshops with around 4 - 5 operators and is ideal for mechanics and tyre fitters. If you require clean and dry air we have a complete range of refrigeration air dryers and inline filtration to keep your equipment in the best working order.

If you require more air we recommend upgrading to our rotary screw compressor range. The air performance along with energy efficiency with variable speed technology can save your business time and money. It's all about the increased productivity, no down time and energy cost reductions. If you're unsure about what's best to suit your business, we're here to help. A Peerless specialist will tell you if it would be beneficial or not to look at the screw compressor option.

Helpful tip:

When mounting, be sure to get "high density" rubber matting and then fix to a secure footing as per your states regulations. Remember, when installing allow enough space for the air compressor to breath, air flow is forced over the pump to keep it cool. If mounted hard up against a wall or boxed, it will have trouble getting the correct air circulation.

All pressure vessels can be supplied with a "Manufacturing Data Report" along with "Registered Design" for Work Safe registration.
Peerless Products pressure vessels are all made to AS1210.

 Performance of all our belt driven air compressors are to AS4637.

For over 60 years Peerless Products has been delivering and exceeding the needs of industry. Ask us about your requirements.

Technical Specifications
Code Model Pump Displacement (CFM) Free Air Delivery (LPM) Max PSI Motor HP Warranty
Tank Capacity (L) Pump up
time to 100PSI
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
00120 PHP52 52 CFM 990 LPM 175 10 1 Year 1 Year 200L 1.15 - 1.20 Min 1700Lx520Wx1100H

Technical Data

Pump type Cylinders Pump head
Oil capacity Pump RPM Outlet thread Electricity Amps draw
Air cooled W95II 2 Stage 3 35 FT LB
2.3L 949 1/4" BSP & 1/2" BSP 415V 13.3
Spare parts
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Top End of Pump W95II

Internal Components of Pump W95II

External / Body Components of Pump W95II

Retail $8,350.00
Cost $8,350.00 Retail Retail

Impressive performance, Australia's favourite PHP52. 990l/pm of free air delivery. Used the highest quality componentry and every compressor is manufactured locally with an immaculate attention to detail.

Additional Components of PHP52 Three Phase

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