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PO13 Single Phase Air Compressor: Oilless, Direct Drive, 10Amp, 175LPM

Compact powerhouse: 175L/min free air. Super quiet operation delivering impressive performance in a compact design.
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Power at a Glance

Free air delivery

Litres per minute of air

175LPM @ 100PSI

dBa Rating

dBa Rating

52 (+/-2)

Power supply

10 Amp Plug


Pounds per square inch

Max 145 PSI

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PO13 Single Phase Air Compressor: Oilless, Direct Drive, 10Amp, 175LPM

Oil free with performance.



Warranty - 1 year pump and motor warranty - Industrial warranty not domestic


Low Voltage

Suitable for low voltage applications.


Super Quiet Design.

Operating noise of only 52dBA (+/- 2).

Product description

Peerless oil-less range of air compressors are very reliable, cost-efficient and clean.
Copper wound electric motors with 7AMP draw producing an outstanding air flow of free air delivery along with its super quiet motor at only 52dBa +/-2.

This impressive Air Compressor produces 175LPM of free air delivery, this will run your framing guns through to your coil guns. 

We have also fitted an electronic auto drain to the receiver on the standard model (00590), as we all know its hard to remember to drain your tank. The 2HP motor / pump assembly is fully copper wound. This is where the weight comes into it, as the motor itself weighs 19kg. This is the easiest way to know if your oil less motor is an actual 2HP.

An over run cut out alarm is a new feature fitted to our PO13. This is to assist in making sure your air compressor doesn't get damaged due to excessive running caused by air leaks or the air tool being too big for the unit. Protecting your investment and keeping it in top performance is our goal.

American Teflon barrels and piston rings deliver maximum performance and life span. These have to be serviced based upon hours of use. Being oil free doesn't mean maintenance free - despite what any will tell you. On average they need to be replaced every 2000 Hours of use. Cheaper units are 500 hours of use dependent on material used in manufacturing process. We carry all spare parts and components to be able to service and maintain your air compressor. They are not a throw away air compressor, we believe in making sure your down time isn't impacted, as down time is costly.

Being an Oil Less Air Compressor it doesn't matter about parking level too! compared to oiled Air Compressors. Drawing an impressive 7AMPS compared to 9AMPS on other models this is well suited for low voltage areas!

Did you know?

In standard environment conditions when your air compressor reaches 14 PSI you have the reached the volume of air in the receiver!. So on this particular model (PO13) at 14 PSI you have 30L of compressed air in the tank. At 28 PSI you now have 60L of compressed air in the tank. So if the cut out pressure is 112 PSI, you now have 240L of stored compressed air! Who said small tanks don't hold enough air?
As mentioned this can be affected by the temperature and other factors.
Smaller tanks also equates to quicker air recovery times of lost pressure along with lower operating temperature of pump.


Please note: air compressors i.e piston type, are not designed to run continuously they must cut in and out. Direct drive models should only have up to a 40-50% duty cycle. Belt Drive hobby models are up to 60-70% and full industrial belt drive models are up to 75-85%. If the compressor runs over these duty cycles it could cause failure. Important - first check voltage on each building site as low voltage will cause the motor to fail on all compressors. It must have be better than 230 volt at peak times. Extension leads will cause voltage drop, it's better to use extra air hose.

Technical Specifications
Code Model Free Air Delivery (LPM) Max PSI Motor HP Warranty
Tank Capacity (L) Pump up
time to 100PSI
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
00590 PO13 175 LPM 145 2 1 Year 1 Year 40L 1.05 - 1.10 Min 810Lx340Wx640H
00591 Tubie 175 LPM 145 2 1 Year 1 Year 5L - 420Lx370Wx440H
00593 Twin Tank 175 LPM 145 2 1 Year 1 Year 18L 0.40 - 0.45 Min 540Lx460Wx550H

Technical Data

Pump type Cylinders Pump head
Oil capacity Pump RPM Outlet thread Electricity Amps draw
Air cooled Oil-less
Copper wound
2 7.8 FT LB
11 NM
- 1350 1/4" BSP 240V / 10A 7
Spare parts
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Top End of Pump 1500W Oil-less

Internal Components of Pump 1500W Oil-less

External / Body Components of Pump 1500W Oil-less

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Cost from $1,070.00 Retail Retail
Twin Tank

Compact powerhouse: 175L/min free air. Super quiet operation delivering impressive performance in a compact design.

Additional Components of PO13

Oilless Series air compressors

Oil free air compressors are very quiet in opperation. Most importantly, they are oil free. Suited for sensitive applications where oil carry over has to be zero. Filtration is still required for particles and moisture. Being oil free doesn't mean maintenancce free! don't get caught in that trap, they are a mechanical item, wearing parts and filter intake elements have to be maintained.
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