Peerless PT35

PT35 Single Phase Air Compressor: Belt Drive, 15Amp, 7HP, 650LPM

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Power at a Glance


Electric 3.5HP

Free air delivery

Litres per minute of air

650LPM @ 100PSI

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Power friendly.

Smart Start Filter - U.S.A made to reduce start up AMPs by up to 40%.



Warranty - 1 year pump and motor warranty - Industrial warranty not domestic

Product description

If you only have single phase power and require a large volume of air, this could be the solution for you. The Peerless PT35 model is designed using two N75 pumps and 3.5 HP motors. All fitted on a 150 litre air receiver.

The pumps are designed to restart 5 PSI apart and require two 15 Amp dedicated power plugs (draws 2 x 15 Amp) back to your fuse box to operate this machine. It is very important to ensure that this machine is wired correctly as failure to do so will cause motor failure.

The benefit of this air compressor is that its producing a massive 650 litres of free air per minute. But, if you are only cycling 1 motor and pump (continuous running and not stopping) without the secondary kicking in, you're wearing and over running the primary.
This is where you could use a single phase screw compressor to achieve a greater result.
When looking into this particular model, its always best to discuss with Peerless directly as we want to make sure the unit is a best fit for your applications.

On going servicing, alternating primary to secondary and secondary to primary is required to get equal wear. 

Technical Specifications
Code Model Pump Displacement (CFM) Free Air Delivery (LPM) Max PSI Motor HP Warranty
Tank Capacity (L) Pump up
time to 100PSI
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
00093 PT35 35 CFM 650 LPM 145 2.5 1 Year 1 Year 150L 1.35 - 1.45 Min 1500Lx400Wx900H

Technical Data

Pump type Cylinders Pump head
Oil capacity Pump RPM Outlet thread Electricity Amps draw
Air cooled N75 2 16 FT LB
1L 963 1/4" BSP 240V / 15A (2) 13
Spare parts
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Top End of Pump N75

Internal Components of Pump N75

External / Body Components of Pump N75

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Compressor service kit to suit P14 / P17 / P20HF.

Individual Items for N75, C5 Service Kit

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Components of 3.5HP Single Phase Motor

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Additional Components of PT35